Bamboo Carbonized Exfoliating Shower Glove

Bamboo Carbonized Exfoliating Shower Glove



Carbonized Bamboo Exfoliating Gloves by Hydrea London
This new natural technology that will amaze you with the remarkable health & beauty benefits:

  • Releases health giving Anions which helps discharge the body of positive ions we receive from the electronic devices of modern day life 
  • Releases far Infrared waves which help energizes the body and metabolism and regulate body temperature. 

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and breathable ensuring these gloves are odour and mildew resistant
Strong and long lasting gloves, the positive properties are permanent no matter how many times you use them!
Bamboo is eco-friendly and organically grown resource so you can pamper yourself with a clear conscience!

Code: BCEG1